“Pick your Brain” With Alex and Lewis

“Pick your Brain” With Alex and Lewis

Welcome to our new blog feature! Every now and again, we will be picking the brains of our talented team at Spark Towers to find out a little more about what they do. Today, we are going to kick off our first interview with Alex and Lewis, our new Business Development Coordinator and Account Executive.

What does your role entail at Creative Spark?

A: My main duties involve supporting our Business Development Director Claire on new business opportunities for Creative Spark. I provide research and strategic insight for our current client and potential clients, and I work on internal projects for the agency.

L: I work alongside account managers and head of client services to meet daily deadlines and ensure the clients are satisfied, and that we deliver the best possible results for their business. I also act as the bridge between different departments, helping to communicate between the client and the agency.

What projects are you working on?

A: I work on a variety of projects. I am currently working on two big pitches which is really exciting. One is for a leading technology company, and another for a leading European airline. Alongside these, I also work on some internal & external research projects for clients.

L: I am working on a few projects right now, and one I am excited about at the moment is New Balance. I am going to London next week to work with them on the London Marathon Expo which I am really looking forward too!

How do you handle difficult projects?

A: PRIORITISE!!!!  This is the most important and best lesson my director taught me. There are constantly so many projects going on, so it is technically impossible to finish everything by the end of each day. Prioritising my work is so important (but also a challenge in itself!) to be able to effectively handle any difficult projects.

Is there a set way to begin a process?

A: In the Business Development team, there’s literally no set way to begin a process, as opportunities from clients come in various ways. But, we do strive to have a solid and effective system to avoid any potential disaster!

What is your favourite thing about working at Creative Spark?

A: I love the people here. We spend all day together in the office, so it makes it more fun when you enjoy spending time with your colleagues on a day to day basis. When I first came in for my interview a few
months ago, I instantly fell in love with the people and the atmosphere here in Creative Spark.  You can feel everyone’s passion for the work they do, which makes it super liberating and motivating to work in an environment where people genuinely love and care about what they do.

L: I love the communal aspect of the office! It’s great picking your own space to work, whether that be on the table or lounging across the sofas. I just feel it makes us more of a team!

Where does your inspiration come from?

A: My inspirations come from anywhere and everywhere – the office, or home! I love reading – from books, magazines, articles, Wikipedia, to forums which can give me ideas, or spending a whole day browsing Youtube! A legendary photographer – Norman Parkinson once said “Always keep your eyes open, whatever you see out there can inspire you.” With that quote in mind, I try to keep my eyes open for inspiration and learn constantly.

L: For me, not going to Uni! I know it sounds strange, but I want to prove that Uni is not always the track you need to go down to have a successful career.

What would you say is your strongest skill?

A: Rather than saying my strongest skills, I would say my strong trait is definitely my curiosity. I am genuinely curious about most things in this world. I have that strong desire to learn, and I believe that really helps me with my job in research, as well as my social skills!

L: I’m confident, whether that is speaking in front of hundreds of people, or just feeling confident in a decision I have made.

How would your colleagues describe you?

A: “Alex loves his candy :D”

L: I had to ask about this question and apparently I am  “LAID BACK”!

If you could go back in time to visit your ten year old self, what advice would you give to them?

A: Believe in yourself, even when nobody else does.

L: Enjoy every single 6-week summer holiday that you have at school, because it’s a different ball game when you’re working!

Where do you hope to be in ten years time?

A: Have my own family and an exciting career at the same time

L: Still making clients happy every single day, then going back home to a family!

So here is the first look into a couple of our creative minds at Creative Spark and, it looks like our newbie’s are getting off to a top and busy start here at Spark Towers!