Placement diaries: Friday Dave!

Placement diaries: Friday Dave!

Like many in their mid to late 20’s I woke up one day with the need for a paradigmatic career shift… this of course led me to the creative (fun) industry. Rather than bury this desire under a pile of bad decisions and regrets like so many before me I packed up my CV and went hunting for somewhere to learn more about how it all works.

It didn’t take long before I darkened the door of Creative Spark who were gracious enough to let me in and make me a brew… After explaining my situation they decided to let me stick around for a while under the agreement that it was just one day a week and I agree not to or touch anything or talk to anybody.

Over the course of weeks and months I built up a mutual trust and respect with the staff and spread my wings and love into the many different areas of the studio… from research and new business to copywriting and social media… both client facing and internal. My one day a week quickly became known as ‘FriDave’ and I gained amazing insights into the industry and inner workings of a creative agency.

Having taken control of the situation I am now gainfully employed in the industry of my choosing… escaping blood sciences just in time for an ebola outbreak (thanks Sparks!)… all due to the talented, hard working and diligent ladies and gentlemen of Creative Spark. I like them, and would recommend them to a friend, or you, or anybody!

All the best,

Dave Lowe – Social Media Alchemist