Placement Diary: Evan Soule

Placement Diary: Evan Soule

We’ve had Evan in the studio over the past 2 weeks completing his work placement for school. He’s impressed us all massively with the work he’s done during his time with us. What’s even more impressive (scary) is that he’s only 15 and he’s doing work i’d be more than happy to put in my portfolio. Big pat on the back Evan, the pleasure’s been all ours!

Here’s what he has to say on his time with us and some of the work he’s done.

When i was told i was going to be doing my work experience at Creative Spark i was very nervous but also very excited. As soon as i walked through the door i was greeted and seated and introduced to everyone, they all seemed very nice. I was given the task to ‘Create A Spark’, i ended up making  a toy Dunny for the company which was very fun and interesting to me as a young individual. After a week i became more friendly with the other employees as if they had let me into their little circle which felt as if i had grown up in the space of a week. I defiantly learnt a lot in the two weeks that i spent here which has given me an insight to grown up life. The whole experience of working outside of school really opened my eyes to the world and showed me how big it is and that work is very important. I would very much like to work here when i’m older with the helpful and generous staff and the bubbly work ethos.

Big thanks to everyone at Creative Spark for looking after me and giving me the opportunity to get into the world of work!

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