Placement Diary: Peter Chiodo

Placement Diary: Peter Chiodo

We thought it would be nice to get out placements to write a few words about there time spent with us. Here’s our first placement diary from Peter:

When I first entered the doors of the Creative Spark Studio, I was nervous, excited and eager to know what lurked within.

I was set to rest instantly by the warmth and playful environment they have setup for themselves.They have a wealth of respect for each other and most importantly the work. I was first allowed to be let loose on some menu’s for a restaurant and later enjoyed the development/design process when finalising designs with fellow designer Carl, which proved a successful piece of design which was later sent to print.

Over the weeks I spent at Creative Spark I spent my time involved at the heart of exciting projects and was fuelled with creative inspiration; driven to learn more technical skills by the team and become a Designer.

Thank you Creative Spark. Its been emotional.