Prepare for the Print Shop…

Prepare for the Print Shop…

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3 screenprinting witches flatHalloween is creeping up on us once again. The dastardly designers of Spark Towers are rumoured to be fiendishly plotting the newest set of limited edition prints, ready for the reopening of the Little Print Shop of Horrors.

Strange sounds and suspect smells have been emanating from the Spark dungeon. The designers are said to be working their dark magic … Or our Sparkdog Max has eaten something dodgy out of the bin again.

The brave Sparks who valiantly ventured down to the dungeon to investigate haven’t been seen since. We suspect their souls have been sacrificed as tribute to the Design Gods… Or they’ve nipped out the back door to Tesco…

Whatever you choose to believe, the resulting one of a kind pieces from our award winning design team are set to thrill.

All proceeds go towards Forever Manchester, and the search efforts for the missing Sparks. In the meantime, check out last years prints here.

Stay tuned boppers for this year is set to deliver the most gloomily glorious selection of prints yet.