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Spark Inside Out

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Sparks ‘Inside Out’ Away Day

As you may have seen on our socials, we had a fabulous team away day earlier this month.

As it was so well received by Team Spark, we thought we’d share some more about what we got up to and why.

What was it all about?

Over the last 12 months we have spent time refreshing Spark’s brand identity and working on our own company brand strategy, so the ‘inside’ part of the day gave us the opportunity to reflect on the work we have done and to really look at ourselves as a company and challenge our processes, values, and principles.  We talked about what we think it takes to be a ‘Spark’, and how we want to work day to day, both with our clients, and grow within our roles. As part of this exercise, we asked the team to give examples of how each of our values and principles would translate into the way we service our clients’ needs. It was a fun way to get buy-in and engagement from the whole team, whilst actually living our values!

Here are just a few examples of what the team came up with.


  • Think about what’s possible

Keep expanding our inspiration and reference sources to be ahead of the curve

  • Develop partnerships, not projects

Be invested in your clients and their business, celebrate their success like they’re your own

  • Curate the perfect team

Really get to know and understand your extended team and where their biggest strengths lie

  • Do the right thing

Be honest about why things may have gone wrong

  • Put people first 

Happy and supported people make the best work


  • Be Optimistic 

Seeing how my role can develop and make a positive change to the business 

  • Be Confident

Just go for it and ignore impostor syndrome – big yourself up

  • Be Resourceful 

Speak to the team – we all have advise and can help

  • Be Relatable 

Start with empathy, if you can empathise you can relate – really put yourself in others shoes

  • Be Invested 

Think about how we can push Spark to be the environment we need and want

With the ‘inside’ bit done we then ventured ‘outside’ for a team walk in Macclesfield Forest. The benefit of spending time together outdoors without screens and phones distracting us was immediate. It was great to be outside of the office, breathing in all that great fresh air and getting to know each other better. It was also good to reflect on the work we deliver as a team, and how we work as a team so we can continually evolve process based on experience and feedback.

Spark Inside OUt

Spark Inside Out’ got a big thumbs up and so will become an annual event – if you’re stuck for team building ideas, or need to bond a new team, we can heartily recommend the ‘Inside Out’ approach.