Spark to the rescue…

Spark to the rescue…


We can finally reveal something we’ve been working on over the last few weeks. Something of a labour of love, we’ve recently been busy beavering away on designing a new logo for the Cheshire Search and Rescue team.

Cheshire Search and Rescue (CSAR) are a team of volunteers on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They receive no government funding, instead relying on volunteers and donations to help them carry out their work. Assisting Cheshire police and other statutory emergency services, they are proud members of the Association of Lowland Search and Rescue and both train and work with local Mountain Rescue teams.

So, these are exceptionally brilliant people doing exceptionally brilliant work. However, they needed a new logo. Their old one was looking a little dated and it needed to be brought in line with their status as a 21st century team. Led by our newest designer James Betts, the project saw the logo not only updated, but refreshed in a much more contemporary and digital-ready style, all to fit with the volunteer group’s vision for the future.

The project was great, but surprisingly challenging too. We went through plenty of different versions, tweaking sizes, images, colours and everything else before we settled on the final design. We also had to incorporate the emblematic “wheatsheaf” crest that symbolises the Cheshire county, something that proved trickier than expected.

Happily, the CSAR loved it. Simon Lane, their Team Leader commented: “Everyone here is delighted with the design. The brief was quite strict, as they had to incorporate a whole bunch of design elements, like the white cross which has become synonymous with Search and Rescue, but despite all those different components the result is fantastic. We’d like to thank James in particular for all his hard work, and also Creative Director Neil Marra for his long-standing support of our organisation.”

All in all, this was a perfect little job for us and we’re thrilled how it turned out. We wish the CSAR all the very best of luck and hope the new logo serves them well.