SparkTV – Reflections of an Ad Man

SparkTV Reflections of an Ad Man

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With more than 30 years’ in the industry, Ralph Marra (father of our venerable Creative Director, Neil) knows a thing or two about advertising. From washing paint pots as an office junior, to a job as Senior Art Director at one of Manchester’s biggest advertising agencies, this is a man who not only knows how the industry has changed, but has actually seen those changes firsthand.

Ralph’s a regular sight here at our Northern Quarter offices, and can often be found sketching away on one visualisation job or other. We decided to coax him out of his corner and sit him down in front of a camera to get his musings on everything from the state of the industry to his philosophy on artistic talent.

The result is this, the latest edition in our SparkTV series: ‘Reflections of an Ad Man.’