Take a taxi on us! #randomspark

Take a taxi on us! #randomspark

Yesterday our very own account manager Owen McArthur carried out his random act of kindness with a free taxi ride for an unsuspecting person waiting at a bus stop. Owen has written a little piece as to why he felt that this act was a good way to brighten up someone’s day. Take it away Mr McArthur.

“At this time of year, there is always an extra emphasis on thinking of those less fortunate than yourself. People who won’t be having as much of a good time as you will be.

Now, I’m not professing to save the world a la Geldof, but sometimes it’s the little things that can really make a difference to someone’s day. That is why we wanted to help people with the small things in life that would make their day just a little bit easier.

One thing that specifically stuck out was travel, and in particular waiting for a bus! Agreed, it is not the most torturous activity one has to endure, but being in Manchester, in December can rival any arctic expeditions as much as the next.

Therefore, we want to ease this pain by helping people to have a hopefully warmer and slightly quicker journey to where they need to go, achieved by a little helping hand in the form of five english pounds to put towards a taxi fare.

The comforting warmth and relaxation of any saloon car seat over that of the hard, almost orthopedically correcting bus stop seat surely must help a merry traveller along their way!”

Well, we certainly hope so!