Thanks Rob!

Thanks Rob!

Where do I begin to start writing about my time spent at Creative Spark, what an amazing place it is to work. I have always admired the work Creative Spark have done and thought what a fun place it looked to work and I wasn’t wrong. I had an amazing time at the agency, learnt so much and met amazing people.

I was given the opportunity to do two weeks work experience at the agency. I wanted to experience the marketing and accounts side of the creative industry after studying Graphic Design specialising in Advertising at University. I was unsure what I would be doing but was very excited to get stuck in and find out.

On my first day at the agency I was made to feel very welcome by meeting all the team, being shown around the studio and given the projects I would be working on. I was very excited to get on with everything I had been given to do. I felt part of the team straight away working on live projects and getting to know everyone. The day went so fast, before I knew it was time to go home but I was already looking forward to the next day.

The Sparks studio is such a fast paced environment with so much going on, but they manage to make it a fun place to work and be in. Everyone got on so well with each other and I felt like I fitted in with the Spark family. I loved every minute I spent there; with everyday that passed whilst at the agency I picked up more work and more responsibility. I wasn’t complaining I was in my element, from the high demand and pressure to get the job done to the endless amounts of tea and coffee and of course the snack cupboard, what’s not to love…

Whilst at the agency I managed to experience Marketing and PR, Social Media and Project Management along with assisting on other projects to putting on my own event, which was an amazing and fun evening. I feel I have learnt and achieved so much in the short space of time I was there and will never forget my time at Creative Spark.

One of the many highlights for me was being asked to stay longer at the agency as to me this meant I was doing a good job and fitted in with the Sparks team. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay but I hope that it won’t be too long before I can return.

I will take away so many amazing memories from my time spent at Creative Spark and miss everyone there. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making me feel welcome and part of the Spark family. Although I was only there for just over two weeks it felt I had been there months (in a positive way). A hard working and amazing place, I feel very privileged to have been able to spend the time I did at a top creative agency with amazing people. I hope I will see everyone shortly and be back as part of the team.

Thank you Sparks

Rob x x