That spark in your life…

That spark in your life…

Today, people all over the world will be celebrating ‘National All is Ours Day’ and here at Spark Towers, we wanted to join in on the fun! On such a beautiful and sunny day, it’s the perfect time to reflect on all the things we have and feel blessed for in our life. We thought it would be a top idea to find out what it is that ignites that little bit of extra spark in our team.

Alex and Lewis both expressed how they appreciate ‘having good family and friends’ and are blessed to ‘be surrounded by people they love’.

Both Liz and Rach are loving ‘the sunshine at the moment’ – hopefully it will last the until the weekend!

Without a second to think, Jodie said he is grateful for his daughter, saying ‘she is the most creative thing I have ever made’. Adorable, eh?

James didn’t hesitate to reveal many of his life’s blessings, which include ‘a good sleep at the weekend, and people being on time!’ He wanted to also share his love for Macaroni and Cheese and pulled pork sandwich – toasted.

Jack appreciates ‘all types of technology and media’ in the world today. Don’t we all, Jacky boy.

Tom feels blessed to have the beauty and nature of ‘the outdoors and mountains!’ so he is able to enjoy his passion for mountain climbing.

Hannah is enjoying ‘eating all the left over Easter Eggs’ from the weekend! Chunky monkey.

And finally, Paul added a quote of inspiration by Winston Churchill:
‘Love what you do, and you’ll never work again.’

Wise words, Churchill, wise words.

Reflecting on everything we appreciate in life is not easy, which goes to show just how blessed we are – there are too many things to choose from! Sometimes, we can get lost in our busy days when we have deadlines to meet and plenty of work to do, so why not take a step back from our crazy lives and appreciate the things that make us smile.

‘All that we have is a blessing and our lives are a blessing and it is ours, therefore,
all is ours.’

What do you feel blessed for?