The Future of Flying Has Landed

The Future of Flying Has Landed

The industry sits on the brink of a digital revolution. Automation, self service, apps, gadgets and a complete overhaul of the traditional passenger experience are pushing the future of air travel to new frontiers.

Head of the digital revolution is the passenger. Empowered by the wide-scale adoption of smart phones and tablets, the noble passenger now has the ability to travel on their own terms. No longer hindered by lengthy check-ins and tiresome terminal waits, apps such as ‘Gate Guru’ provide real-time updates to the traveler’s itinerary such as security wait times, flight delays and gate changes.


Forget the mass of paperwork you have stored ‘somewhere safe’, coupled with the frantic panic of checking you have everything you need. Your main worry is now is whether you’ll have enough battery to update your Facebook status and beat your high score on Flappy Bird.

Despite such radical changes, the Sun is still rising on the new age of aviation. Developers are working hard on all encompassing apps that will provide the complete end to end service. Airports, airlines, hotels and transport companies will incorporate the tools to cover every angle of the travel experience. A one stop shop set to streamline the airport journey.

If you’re anything like us here at Creative Spark, then you’d agree baggage processes probably aren’t the thing you most look forward to when booking a holiday.

Well, we have some great news.

Baggage processes are set for a complete overhaul. Airline’s such as All Nippon Airways are pioneering RFID bag tagging, allowing customers to check-in their own luggage and navigate the airport themselves. Real-time messages are even sent via tablets provided on arrival, informing passengers of when to proceed to their gate.


Virgin Atlantic took a further step towards customer service heaven in a recent trial at London’s Heathrow Airport, providing concierge staff the breakthrough Augmented Reality device, Google Glass. Staff equipped with the device are able to see detailed passenger information, provide flight updates and guide passengers through the check-in process, without even lifting a finger.


 Much like a more informative, and less intimidating, Robocop.

Such a rapid pace of change promises to be beneficial to passengers and airlines alike. With replacing the traditional trudge of lengthy queues that mar the travelling experience, airport operators present passengers with the opportunity to spend more time in the commercial areas.

This is great news for those of us who dread lengthy wait times and would much rather be perusing the goodies on offer in Duty Free.

The technology presented here is just the tip of the iceberg. The revolution will be televised, tracked, augmented, eased, streamlined and stress-free.