The power of colour when developing your brand

The power of colour when developing your brand

Colours influence our emotions in many different ways. In fact, studies have shown that a consumer’s decision to purchase a new or unfamiliar product is based largely on the brand’s colours. What colours appeal to us for some things may not necessarily attract us to others. In short, the colours you choose can literally make or break your brand.

You don’t have to choose just one main colour

Many popular brands such as eBay and Google use more than one main colour to attract attention to their brand. There is a specific reason for this. Because colours are able to evoke emotion, many brands use multiple colours to stimulate multiple emotions.

eBay, for example, sells everything from umbrellas to underwear so it needs to be able to target a variety of consumers and trigger a variety of emotions to their brand. If your brand has a wide range of purposes then a multi colour scheme can really work to gain attention from the many different consumers you are looking to attract.

Colour matters

Green, for example, is commonly associated with nature, with many brands promoting organic or all natural products using green as their primary colour. This is also true for companies that offer ecological or arborist type services. Green can also be associated with health and wellbeing, which can be an excellent colour if your brand involves medical or therapeutic products.

Pink is considered to be a soft, romantic, feminine colour, which is why brands selling intimate apparel for women, for example, often use this colour in their branding.

Black is often used in businesses such as law or consulting, as it is thought to give a sense of power and assertiveness. Black can also give off a sleek and sexy feel which is why high end shoe and clothing brands also tend to utilise black.

At Creative Spark we certainly value the power of colour in branding. After all, the yellow and black hues in our logo reflect our ‘work hard- play hard’ ethos. When developing brands for our clients, colour plays a large part in our work. We always make sure to get under the skin of the brand and use colour to reflect the personality and essence of the companies we work with.

You may have the coolest logo and the catchiest marketing slogan, but they run the risk of getting little to no notice if paired with the wrong colours. At the end of the day, it is the colours of your brand, logo, website and other marketing collateral that will be your brand’s identifier. Colour does matter!