The Secret to Seven Bro7hers: “The beer is secondary, it’s all about community and family”

The Secret to Seven Bro7hers: “The beer is secondary, it’s all about community and family”

Unstoppable Stories - Seven Brothers

The latest episode in our Unstoppable Stories series is not just about hops and malt; but the unique stories that drive a successful business. Seven Bro7hers Brewery, a firm favourite on the Manchester craft beer scene, talks to use about the strategies behind their successful ventures and what it feels like to be on their journey to bigger things. 

We interviewed Keith, one of the founding brothers, who explains the brewery’s success to date would not have been possible without surrounding themselves with talented people, not least his family members. 

Strong family bonds 

Keith’s entrepreneurial journey was shaped by his upbringing in a household of eleven children. Inspired and supported by his Dad who navigated his own career as a self-employed builder, Keith developed a relentless hunger for finding his entrepreneurial opportunity and  creative challenge. 

The pivotal moment for Seven Bro7hers came when Keith and his siblings united over a shared vision of creating a craft brewery

Equal shares

The decision to form a business where each sibling had an equal say and contribution, was one of the driving forces behind it’s success to date. 

He explains, it was very, very important to me to work as best as it could. It had to be a collaborative, a cooperative, where everyone had equal say. We were all equal partners. If it hadn’t have been for for that and the struggles that we’ve had over the ten years it may have caused us to split up

Success beyond sales 

Success, for Keith, extends beyond monetary metrics. It’s about creating venues that bring people together, creating a sense of community and watching individuals share special moments.

The Seven Bro7hers long-term vision and planning to ensure sustained growth is certainly key to their success. Coupled with an equitable voice and share in the family business – they are set for bigger things. Proven by their recent launched of 11 Central – a ‘full family’ venture with their four sisters at the Central Bay development at Media City.

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