The Strategies Behind Seven Bro7hers Brewery Growth

The Strategies Behind Seven Bro7hers Brewery Growth

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In our latest video with Keith from Seven Bro7hers, we talk about the strategies he and his siblings have adopted on their journey to mastering the craft beer scene in Manchester. 

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Keith’s top strategies for success.  

  • Build a business for longevity

As Seven Bro7hers celebrates nearly a decade in business, they are set to celebrate many more fuelled by a genuine passion for constantly creating something new, providing places for people to come together and working with a team of talented individuals. 

It was always the intention to create a business for longevity. We reset our plans and forecasts every few years – we just we want to be as successful as possible – and that’s not necessarily to take over the world, we just want to create something special”.

  • Surround yourself with talented people

Surround yourself with talented people. Simply, this piece of advice resonated with Keith and has stuck with him throughout his business journey. From his brother, Guy, who provided invaluable support and insight at the beginning of their journey, to their dedicated teams working in the brewery and bars today.  Being able to fall back on a support network is invaluable: sometimes we don’t agree on everything, but we know deep down that we’ve got each other’s back and that that makes a huge difference”. 

  • Take baby steps 

There were 1,300 breweries when Seven Bro7hers started out. There are now about 4,000. For many, this level of fast growth and competition can feel overwhelming, leaving them paralysed to take action. 

Keith explains: If you’re trying to look at everything, you won’t be able to function. For me, it was all about baby steps. It doesn’t matter how small the steps are, as long as you just keep moving forward. As soon as you stand still, you go backwards. If you go backwards, you’re out of business”. 

  • Stay ‘in’ the business

Having expanded into seven locations since they launched, Seven Bro7hers now has a large team working alongside them. But stepping back is not moving forward, so Keith’s advice is to “roll your sleeves up, get stuck in and immerse yourself in the business” to continually learn, evolve and celebrate successes alongside your teams. 

  • No finger pointing 

With a large family and a large team, mistakes are made. But instead of blaming someone, the culture is one of openness, transparency and sharing. 

You make mistakes, but you learn from them. Definitely, definitely learn from them”.

Keith describes their culture as one where there is never any finger pointing in any role. It’s something the team is really proud of, and it has had a significant impact on the turnover of staff during their growth, which remains low today. 

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