I don’t even know where to begin to start writing about my time spent at Creative Spark… Everyday has been a rollercoaster ride at the agency and it has really opened my eyes, mind and experience about the design industry.

My first trial day was organised by the lovely Rhiannan, as a receptionist, she introduced me to everyone and showed me around the studio. I was really excited about it as it was my first proper insight into the industry. She knew I was interested in getting into design, and despite everyone’s busy work schedule, she organised for me to try out some logo design work with Jonathon, one of the the account managers, and the design studio.

My trial day eventually led on to me staying for 2 months, which have been incredible as I have learnt so much about the industry, as everyday at the agency was different from the last.

I originally started as a work experience receptionist, but I managed to experience everything they had to offer and more! It is unbelievable the things I have done in the short space of two months, such as working on finance, PR, events, direct mail, research, branding, logo design, viral concepts, social media and a few receptionist tasks also.

Everyone works so hard in the office and they balance that out with a lot of fun. Some of the best memories that will stay with me are the times we did silly things around the office, such as making a Harlem Shake video, the Hadouken-ing photo, dressing up as the Easter Bunny for the whole week and the staff after-work drinks.

I will miss everybody in the office so much as we have had so many memorable moments and laughs! Everyone has their own unique individual personalities and seem to be more friends than just co-workers, which creates just a wonderful working environment. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and some absolutely mental (in a great way!). I hope that this won’t be the last time I see everyone at Creative Spark.

Thanks for the 2 months life experience!

Wai-Kin Cheng