What’s at the heart of the We Are Indigo Unstoppable Story?

What’s at the heart of the We Are Indigo Unstoppable Story?

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In the third and final Unstoppable Story, we talk to co-founder of We Are Indigo PR and long-term friend of the agency, Gemma Krysko.

We Are Indigo is a PR and communications agency specialising in culture, music, entertainment and luxury travel (with an enviable client list, for sure).

One of her stories that hit us right in the feels was the reason We Are Indigo was born. Out of a need to create an agency where people love to go to work, to counter her personal experience working in the toxic environments of traditional PR agencies.

Gemma wanted to create something better. Unsurprisingly, this founding principle still remains at the heart of the agency today.

Now in its 12th year, We Are Indigo still has three of the OG employees – Gemma, her co-founder and husband Matthew, and Sabrina. They’ve grown considerably since, and over the next five years want to be bigger and stronger – but never at the sacrifice of what made them who they are today.

We Are Indigo has grown on the basis of real, shared connections. Gemma admits most of her client relationships ‘were formed on the dancefloor’. And that energy and authentic love for finding the right relationships is a real strength of the agency.

They deliberately veer away from recruiting ‘textbook PR professionals’. Instead, seek out individuals with a common thread: creativity. Whether they come from a PR background or not is secondary; what matters most is their ability to think creatively, love what they do and bring fresh perspectives to our work.

So what’s next for Gemma and We Are Indigo?

For the agency, Gemma understands that maintaining a positive and creative environment will be crucial to its continued success. It’s not just about expansion; it’s about preserving the essence of what makes We Are Indigo unique.

For Gemma herself, as a determined and strikingly hard working individual, she has recently secured financial investment for a new tech-led initiative, Queens Of Tomorrow which launches in April 2024. Watch this space.

You can hear Gemma’s story in our third episode of Spark’s Unstoppable Stories.

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