Who hides in the bakery at Christmas? #randomspark

Who hides in the bakery at Christmas? #randomspark

A Mince Spy…. Ho Ho Ho.

A classic joke there from our digital account manager Char Owen and junior studio coordinator Harry Graham, who are here to give a little insight in to their random act of kindness.

Every year Christmas seems to start so early! It’s barely bonfire night before you find a cheeky advent calendar in your local supermarket. Soon it’s the catalogue adverts followed closely by the full blown Christmas campaigns. This might just be what you need to get in the festive spirit, but for us, it’s not truly Christmas until you’ve had your first mince pie.

So for our random act of kindness we decided to take this well loved Christmas treat and give them away to the lovely people of Manchester. Using the help of our trusty elves, we hit the streets to spread Christmas joy. It’s been a cold couple of days in Manchester, yet people are still out braving the weather to carry out their Christmas errands. Trudging up and down Market Street may test the patience of the jolliest of shoppers so we felt the need to pick up their spirits with this Christmas classic.

Some people were reluctant to take our festive treat for fear of being poisoned… But once they realised we’re harmless, they warmed to the idea and to our delicious pies. We saw smiles all round and we hope we brought Christmas cheer and brightened up an otherwise gloomy Manchester Day. All in a day’s work #randomspark