Who run the world…?

Who run the world…?

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In light of yesterday’s International Women’s Day celebrations, we thought we’d do a big shout out to the women in charge of Creative Spark.

It’s a well known fact that only 37% of jobs in the creative and advertising industries are occupied by women; so we consider ourselves one of the lucky (and smarter) ones.

Here’s a little run down on our fabulous females and what gives them their girl power.

Claire Critcher is a Director and Partner and has been with us for over 6 years. She built her knowledge of Media and Marketing, and developed a passion for client services, during her time at Guardian Media, Trinity Mirror and Creative Spark. Her girl power comes from a mug of hot vimto and a pile of fried chicken wings.

Charlotte Tassaker is our Senior Operations Manager and has been with us for over 4 years. She began her career at JWT Cheetham Bell and built an incredible ability to organise, multi-task and problem solve that keeps us all in check. Her girl power (and unflappable nature) comes from the ancient arts of meditation and yoga.

Leanne Ledger is our Account Director and is responsible for Client Services. She has worked for some of the biggest agencies in the U.K. and came on board with us last year to drive Brand Strategy, Research and client communications.Her girl power comes from hitting those high notes in her raw funk band, The Plimp Souls.

If you are looking to get into the wonderful world of brand, digital and film, or are on the lookout for an agency with a difference … give our girls a call on 0161 839 9955 or email us at hello@creativespark.co.uk