Why it’s so important to have clear brand guidelines

Why it’s so important to have clear brand guidelines

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There is no denying the importance of having a strong brand if you want to achieve growth and long term success. In a world of increasing competition, a strong brand can be your most powerful asset, helping you become an instantly recognisable and trusted name to your customers.


When you hear people talking about creating and maintaining a strong brand, you’ll often hear them talking about brand guidelines. But what exactly are brand guidelines, and why are they so


What are brand guidelines? 


Brand guidelines, sometimes referred to as style guides, are a set of rules that explain in detail how your brand is put together. Brand guidelines can cover any number of different areas, including logo usage, colours, typography, tone of voice, mission statement, and templates for marketing collateral.


Over time, as your business grows, you may want to add to your brand guidelines, which is fine. While your brand guidelines are essentially a set of rules, they need to be flexible enough to grow with your brand – you don’t want them to be so rigid that they restrict creativity and innovation within your business.


Why are brand guidelines so important?


Whether you like it or not, your company already has its own brand – you just may not know it yet. Without clear brand guidelines, there is no real control over your brand and its messaging, which can lead to inconsistencies among both employees and customers. Consistent messages will help build brand recognition, which will in turn contribute to building trust among your target audience.


Another key advantage that comes with having clear brand guidelines is an increase in both the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing when moving forward. When your business is producing a new product, or working on a new marketing or advertising campaign, having clear
brand guidelines is a huge help. Your brand guidelines can be used as a roadmap of sorts, helping you ensure whatever you produce is in line with your existing brand, reducing the chance of work having to be redone or updated.