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Big congrats to Paul and his new show – “Peter Kay’s Car Share”

We want to send a huge congrats to our friend and partner agency at Creative Spark, Paul Coleman from Agent, on the release of his debut comedy series ‘Peter Kay’s Car Share’. The series was dreamt up by Paul on his way to work as he observed all the commuters making the monotonous journey to work. Two actors, one car – the idea was born. But to spice it up, the couple are following a carshare initiative introduced by the supermarket they work for. Simple yet genius! The sitcom manages to capture the ordinary and the script is the perfect recipe of Northern small-talk and wit. As the title suggests, Peter Kay aka one of our funniest clients, stars alongside Sian Gibson in the sitcom; his first for 11 years and what a delight it is! The sitcom has already had rave reviews, but we wouldn’t expect any less from Paul! The debut will premier on BBC1 on April 29th at 9.30pm so be sure to give it a watch!

Mara Polansky

29th April 2015