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International Day of Happiness

Heartwarming Moments to Keep You Smiling on this Year’s International Day of Happiness


While we live in uncertain times, we want to make sure that positive messages still shine through. International Day of Happiness is about forgetting our differences and celebrating positive ways to look after ourselves and each other.


Here are 5 of our favourite stories to bring a smile to your face.


1. The heart-warming moment coronavirus medic enjoys a beautiful sunset with his patient, 87, while taking him to a CT scan after the elderly man was hospitalised for nearly a month.
















2. Patients go with the flow at this makeshift hospital in Wuhan, as Traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) practitioners offer guided TaiChi session.


3. Balcony singing in solidarity has been a growing reaction to the coronavirus lockdown in Italy this weekend.


4.A couple in Australia recreated their cancelled cruise around the Pacific in the comfort of their living room.











5. A fitness instructor in Spain led a workout from a rooftop for quarantined people to do on their balconies.


Need more reason to smile? Check out this Instagram account that shares nothing but positive content.

Mara Polansky

20th March 2020