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Relaunching a car dealership review site

Car Dealer Reviews is a bit like Trip Advisor for car dealerships. Having built their profile organically for three years, the original site was starting to feel rusty, but was handling 60,000 views a month and 20-30 reviews a day. So they asked us for a full brand revamp, and an overhauled user experience to speed everything up and help foster meaningful relationships across their community.



With the business going from strength to strength, we wanted to invest back in the brand to ensure we delivered the best possible experience for our customers. Spark were the natural choice with their expertise in both brand identity and UX to take us to the next level. We were very happy with the approach taken by Spark, and the results speak for themselves. A great success!
Ryan Dignan, Co-founder

Built to last

The first Car Dealer Reviews site wasn’t built with longevity in mind. Pulled together as a quick fix it found itself coping with a massive amount of visitors. So as well as crafting the brand we made sure the UX and site infrastructure were perfectly engineered for the kind of mileage it will be handling in the future.

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