Catapult Website

Amplifying the possible

Following our rebrand for Catapult we needed to bring this new brand identity to the world with an engaging and conversion focussed website that celebrated their quality, creativity, and disruption of the US print market.

User experience and design

A website is nothing without the best possible UX framework that considers all target audiences alongside powerful headlines and engaging content that will engage and convert them. At Creative Spark we have an established process that painlessly works through all the questions and decisions to develop an overarching website architecture and structure for each page with carefully planned navigation and CTA driven user journeys.

Alongside this work the content team developed the written, image, and video content that would drive these user journeys through the new Catapult website, engaging and entertaining all audiences with a creative and disruptive approach that fully reflected the new brand identity for Catapult.

The final website design brought these comprehensive foundations and creative exploration together into designs that were finally optimised for all screens and devices. Very much more than the sum of its parts the final design offered something truly different to the marketplace that reflected the creativity and quality Catapult delivered to their own clients.

Website Build

We often say the hard work has been done by this stage but we really wanted to challenge ourselves technically so we spent a lot of time prototyping the advanced graphic effects we wanted to present in the website; from interactive gradients to completely bespoke interactivity and animations.

This ambition was balanced with the need for a robust and flexible website that would operate flawlessly across all devices, now and for the long term. Content management was careful engineered to further leverage the best possible return on investment for Catapult with a flexible and adaptable range of content modules that would support changing business or market requirements.


Continuing to push things forward

Any website is a living and breathing part of a business's online identity and marketing collateral. We have been working closely with Catapult on their marketing activity and this insight has continued to evolve the website since launch with regular changes and testing of campaign messages through targeted campaign landing pages and evolution of onsite content, interactivity and functionality.

Mobile Mockup