Catapult 26" Press Campaign

Catapult Print is not your average US label printer; they're on a mission to revolutionise the printing industry as we know it. Defying industry norms and dismantling barriers, Catapult is dedicated to providing customers with everything they've been told they can't have: top-notch quality, lightning-fast turnaround times, unbeatable prices, and unparalleled customer service. With an unwavering dedication to staying at the forefront of technology, their latest and most substantial investment yet—the Nilpeter FA-26 Press—stands as the largest of its kind in the US market. To spotlight the transformative impact of this new press we launched a standout campaign highlighting its benefits, including unmatched production capacity, accelerated lead times, and significant cost savings.

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The discovery phase

Catapult is determined to make a bold statement in the industry; its ethos revolves around standing out and leading the pack. Therefore, our creative approach needed to mirror this ethos. With the introduction of the largest press in the market, we aimed to spotlight this feat in our creative strategy and convey a sense of a US takeover—a visual representation of Catapult's mission to dominate the industry landscape by outperforming all others.

The campaign was initially planned for launch on organic social media platforms, with subsequent expansion to include paid LinkedIn ads and complementary supporting content.

Design and development

We created a stand-out CGI campaign featuring a captivating reel of labels that dominated iconic landmarks across the US—spanning from the Las Vegas sphere to Times Square and the bustling streets of New York City. The aim was to illustrate that Catapult's new press was like no other and to demonstrate that their reach extends far beyond Orlando; they can deliver on their promises across the entirety of the US and Canada, with the 26-inch press amplifying their capabilities.

To bring the reels to life, we tailored the core Catapult brand, designing unique labels and integrating key messages in their bold tone of voice.

CGI production

We used Cinema 4D & After Effects to bring together the cityscape and CGI label reels. This process involved creating 3D environments from the cityscape footage, the in-system camera was then able to motion track the environment and 3D labels would act and behave like they were part of the scene.

The general theme of each of the five 3D videos was for a label, printed with the client message, to gradually unwind from the printing reel and travel seamlessly around the major features and buildings of each cityscape.
To enhance the realism of the unwinding banner, masking and compositing techniques were utilised along with vibrational effects and relative speed enhancements to match the depth of field between the camera and each element of the banner.

Realism was further developed with the lighting, which was created by using the footage to have custom HDRI's which in turn created more accurate lighting for the 3D elements within the real footage.

ACES colour management was applied in C4D for the renders to have a broader colour range which resulted in a more photorealistic look.

26 Inch 06

Results and evaluation

The campaign achieved remarkable success, boasting an impressive average engagement rate of 7.3% across all five videos. One particularly standout video even achieved an exceptional engagement rate of 9.7% - well above the industry average of between 1-3.5% being classed as good.

"We couldn't be more thrilled with the exceptional work that Creative Spark delivered for our recent campaign. Creative Spark's passion for pushing our creative boundaries perfectly aligns with our mission to disrupt the printing industry, and their commitment to ensuring our message reaches new heights is unparalleled. It's not just a partnership; it's a fantastic collaboration that continues to drive innovation and excellence."


In conclusion, Catapult Print's journey to revolutionise the printing industry through its investment in the Nilpeter FA-26 Press and the subsequent standout campaign has been a resounding success. Their commitment to innovation, coupled with a bold and strategic approach, has propelled them to the forefront of the market.

Through the campaign, Catapult effectively showcased the unparalleled capabilities of its new press, highlighting its ability to deliver top-quality results, faster turnaround times, and significant cost savings. The engagement rates achieved, with an average of 7.3% across the videos and a standout rate of 9.7%, are a testament to the campaign's impact and resonance with the audience.

Moving forward, Catapult Print is poised to continue disrupting the industry, setting new standards, and exceeding customer expectations. Their dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering excellence reaffirms their position as a leader in the printing sector, and we look forward to playing a part in their continued success.