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The Job

Having outgrown the Co-op and reforming under new ownership, Farmcare needed a new brand of its own.

The Spark

Rebuild Farmcare, from the ground up.

"Creative Spark worked hand in hand with us from the very beginning to build a brand strategy that allowed us to launch with confidence and clarity. They led us through all stages, from employee engagement to the development of our brand and communications, giving us a toolkit to work with for years to come. Their work was well considered and creative, and gave us an identity that the whole team understood and was proud of."

Richard Quinn

CEO - Farmcare

In Summary

Farmcare wanted a new brand, but in a way that wouldn’t sacrifice their heritage.

A 150-year stint under the Co-op had left Farmcare with plenty of history. They wanted a brand that addressed that, while still standing on its own two feet. To do that, we set out to find a simple, underlying truth that could define them, and looking at their business we found an angle – they do everything ‘from the ground up.’ To bring this out, we created a suite of bespoke photography shot literally from down on the ground, then combining it with colour inspiration from the earth, foliage and crops grown at Farmcare. We even built the website from the ground up, incorporating an intranet to help bring staff closer, and the result was a brand that moved confidently out of the Co-op’s shadow.

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