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Now Music TVC

When NOW became the soundtrack to our lives

After producing a hugely successful TV commercial for the NOW Music app, the client was keen to work with us again and asked us to help them develop a new branded ad. The NOW! compilation albums have been charting the latest trends in pop music since 1983, so our brief was to draw on the nostalgia consumers instinctively have for the tunes of their time - and the NOW! albums they bought.


We found the Spark

After researching the brand, we were excited by the idea that NOW Music has effectively been the soundtrack to family life for the last four decades. This insight led to us developing a concept which would see TV viewers being fast forwarded through the years, via the lives of people in a single house, whilst a score of relevant tunes reminded everyone of their own experiences with Now Music. The client loved it and with good reason: they attended each shoot. This meant each scene could be captured on the day, before being instantly approved and signed off, ready for post-production.


Making the years just roll back

For the commercial itself, we teamed up with Paragon Pictures to create a seamless piece of action set across four different rooms in the house. We used invisible cuts to suggest a continuous flow of movement, and styled each room in a particular decade, using period accurate furniture, fashions, hair, makeup, props and set designs. While visual clues to NOW music were included at every turn, with the story starting and ending with the NOW app.


NOW! That’s what I call a result…

The end result was an eye-catching and engaging ad, brought together through smart production and all within a competitive rate.