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2nd floor, Swan Buildings,
20 Swan Street, Manchester, M4 5JW

The Job

To craft the perfect brewery brand for a beer-loving set of seven siblings

The Spark

Be clear with beer

"Spark has been with us from day one. They helped to create the business we are today. They fully understood who we were even before we did and helped us to realise our potential. They embraced our ethos totally and continue to craft and mould the identity they originally created."

Keith McAvoy

Seven Bro7hers Brewery Co-founder

In Summary

Seven Bro7hers Brewery was just starting out
and needed a brand it could call its own.

Salford’s McAvoys are quite the family: four sisters, seven brothers and one brewery. When the boys approached us to create a brand that would stand out in an overflowing market, we were thrilled, as few beers had a brand story that was quite so resonant. We started with a strategy. Using ‘clear with beer’ as a proposition, we built our branding around this single unifying idea: designing a striking logo using a handmade letterpress incorporating the number ‘7,’ specifying a clear but distinctive colour palette and developing a responsive, simply-navigated website to tie it all together. We continue to work closely with the brothers, assisting with everything from product packaging to the interior design of their new bar. Now, since the Beerhouse opened (a handy three minute stagger from the office) they see quite a lot of us…

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