Trending Travels

Influencing Travel Destinations

Reframing your view of travel agents

In simpler terms, Trending Travel is a digital first travel agent, supplying exclusive package holiday offers at the most competitive price on the market. Promoted and generating leads by some of the top influencers in the industry, acting also as a digital concierge for hotels that are in need of influencer promotion. Through a series of workshops, interviews and competitor analysis with our brand strategists, we saw the passion and understanding of what they are trying to achieve, having seen it in every aspect of their industry. Their knowledge and experience combined over 30 years, constantly kept them thinking ahead and able to beat the competition. We grew to understand that they are ambitious, creative, bold and above all, inspired by everything that they do – with a strategic, confident approach to every influencer, campaign and brand partnership they encounter.


The 'T' frame and flexible colour palette

We created an entirely new brand identity for Trending Travel in line with their new strategy, encompassing the 3 worlds they need to collide in order to succeed: PR, influencer marketing and travel agency. Combining two forms of strategy that differ both in their look, and their output - influencer marketing being aspirational and idealistic, and travel marketing being sales-led and approachable. As they are both B2B inclined through their partnerships with international 5* hotels - and B2C facing through consumer holiday bookings. The objective in mind as a company was to 'reframe' and 'reset' consumers' outlooks on traditional travel purchasing, with industry trends seeing a decline in bricks and mortar agents and the unprecedented arrival of a global pandemic. We needed to be inspired, look forward to the future and escape to luxury through the eyes of our favourite influencers - and thereby creating the 'T-Frame'. The visual branding was driven by this parallel of 'reframing' people's mindsets, and the physical notion of capturing holiday moments with your camera. Not to mention the tie in with influencer's main port of call, Instagram, and the snapshot worthy content they are famed for.

Trending Travel banner

Trending Travel had confident and exact knowledge of what the website needed to achieve, whilst also working to a complex specification of a multi-purpose holiday enquiry and booking platform.

We identified the audiences we were talking to, the services and functionalities they needed to offer to not only compete but be forward thinking in their approach. Insight gained through the brand work was continued through an initial briefing and workshop, to develop a sitemap and wireframes.

We developed wireframes to give a structural view of the website and communicate how users flow through it, ensuring all expected journeys and conversions were catered for. In initial stages prior to launch, we developed a landing page as part of the marketing strategy to drive brand awareness, increase data capture and build intrigue up until the brand launch with a collaborative competition. Fully integrating software to enable users to enquire and chat to agents through Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger API. See their finalised site here:


The Spark

Amidst the height of the global pandemic, we launched Trending Travel at a pinnacle time for consumers desiring a luxury getaway. Within the first 2 months of launch, the social media channels gained over 100,000 followers and an impressive roster of influencer collaborations promoting the brand.