Introducing Unstoppable Stories

Introducing Unstoppable Stories

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Across industries dominated by big data, machine learning, and AI, it’s easy to lose sight of the human stories that fuel the business world.

In our upcoming limited video series, Unstoppable Stories, we’re breaking away from the noise and turning the spotlight on the entrepreneurs who dared to dream, took their first steps in business, and are now charting the course to becoming unstoppable brands.

This limited three-part video series goes beyond metrics and algorithms, delving into the personal and authentic stories of business owners who have transformed their visions into reality. These are stories of resilience, innovation, and the unwavering spirit that propels unstoppable brands forward.

Our series aims to inspire, inform, and equip business owners, founders, and marketers with the insights they need to scale. We’re not just talking about success stories; we’re uncovering the challenges faced, lessons learned, and the invaluable advice these people have for those navigating the turbulent waters of business growth.

Our first video, featuring Chris and Ryan from Blendsmiths, is out now. Don’t miss the rest of the series – sign up to our email updates now.

Behind every thriving brand, there’s a remarkable story waiting to be told. Will yours be next? Contact us.

About Neil Marra

Neil Marra, the interviewer throughout this series, is the Founder and Managing Director of Creative Spark. Having built and grown the agency over the last 20 years, his experience is vast — working with clients across all sectors, from Ministry of Sound, Co-Op, Manchester Airport Group (MAG), Cafe Del Mar Ibiza and Manchester United.

Neil has a clear purpose – to facilitate a positive impact on people through creativity. This is apparent in every project he leads: his drive for fresh ideas and clever solutions means that Creative Spark holds an impressive portfolio of successful brands, marketing campaigns and digital developments – as well as a host of happy clients doing brilliant things through their work.

Let’s talk! Contact Neil. 

About Creative Spark

With over two decades of success supporting ambitious and forward-thinking brands, we take pride in the impact we’ve made. Our excitement lies in the future, where we embrace change and thrive on the unknown. Navigating the new is our expertise, as we help clients explore obstacles, identify potential, and respond with infinite resourcefulness.

Our collaborative core is evident in our investment in your success, where close collaboration, human connection, and co-creating solutions are what matters most. It’s our goal to help you become constantly relevant and relentlessly unstoppable.