Café del Mar

Creating a stand out spirit for Café del Mar

Essential Drinks approached Creative Spark to help them brand an exclusive new Vodka and Gin, being launched by the iconic Café del Mar in Ibiza. Our brief was to create a visually and emotionally impactful brand for their new product. Something that would stand out from the crowd and capture the heart and soul of Ibiza, enabling people to escape the everyday and enjoy the spirit of the sunset - no matter where they were in the world.

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Café del Mar is world famous for its iconic sunset view, so from the offset it was understood that this would be a firm feature of the brand and bottle design. The famous Café del Mar brand marque itself would also feature prominently.

However, with sunsets a common theme amongst drinks brands, there was a question around how this could become an ownable feature.

Following the exploration of several potential creative territories, we chose to hone in on the unique features of the world famous venue and the island of Ibiza, to bring the brand and bottle design to life in a way that was exclusive to Café del Mar.

CDM Interior
CDM Scamps 1920px

We were inspired by Luis Guell’s unique interior of Café del Mar’s to create a beautiful bespoke illustrated label for our clients at Essential Drinks. We designed a flowing, decorative artwork which captured the essence of the nostalgic Balearic venue - creating a window to frame the iconic spirit of the sunset.

CDM Illy Sunset 1920px
CDM Illustration 1920px
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An intricate and illustrative approach evolved, which incorporated elements from Café del Mar’s dreamlike interior design, originally created by Lluís Güell.

Creative Spark teamed up with Illustrator Daren Newman to craft illustrations depicting elements such as Ibiza’s official animal - the wall lizard, as well as the posidonia oceanica - an algae that is exclusive to the mediterranean sea.

At the heart of our design shone the iconic golden ibiza sunset, framed beneath the arms of the venue’s renowned sun worshipping goddesses - with the Café del Mar brand marque, sitting confidently above.

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