Lessons from the ‘Island of chances’: Insights from Ibiza by Gemma Krysko

Lessons from the ‘Island of chances’: Insights from Ibiza by Gemma Krysko

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Have you watched Gemma Krysko in the latest Unstoppable Story? In the final episode of the series we chat about the highs and lows of starting a business and a family, diversifying income streams and creating a business based on a non-toxic culture.

In this blog, we’re diving into some of the lessons Gemma learned from her time in Ibiza – taking her from island-loving reveller, to professional businesswoman building a business based on what she loves.

Lesson one: Authentic connections fuel sales opportunities

In the world of business, connections reign supreme. True, but Gemma discovered that sales opportunities didn’t flourish from sterile networking events, instead from authentic relationships forged on the dancefloor.

Building trust and rapport with clients is such an important part of PR as they have to get to know you, to trust you with their brand and to believe that you will deliver.

Gemma tells us that her greatest relationships, both in the UK and overseas, grew from personal interactions: ‘the best connections in business are real, not forced or fabricated’.

Lesson two: Passion drives success

Gemma and her co-founder and husband, Matthew, have built a business around what they genuinely like doing. Whilst it is hard work and the days are long – Gemma frequently practices gratitude to help alleviate stress and build resilience. Her focus remains fixed on her reasons for driving her two businesses, We Are Indigo and app Queens of Tomorrow, forward – for her family, for her children, and for freedom.

“When we’re old and look back, I think we’ll be really proud of what we’ve done”

Lesson three: Excellence opens doors

Transitioning to the professional realm in Ibiza was a significant shift for Gemma. Her approach was simple – do really good work that stands out, work hard, and you will get noticed: ‘If you are accepted into Ibiza and you deliver great work, which the agency does, you quickly build your network”.

She describes Ibiza as ‘the island of chances’, and her hard work paid off.

Not only does Gemma have an office in Ibiza and spends the summer there with her husband and children, she boasts a stunning client list including Mondrian, Casa Maca, Nassau Group and The Entourage Group.

Lesson four: Approach differently

As a Manchester-based agency, breaking into the coveted London market was difficult. However, by leveraging their presence in Ibiza and capitalising on the media’s fascination with the white island, Gemma successfully opened up doors to the London market, marking a significant milestone in her entrepreneurial journey.

Her London clients are growing too, and We Are Indigo are celebrating some incredible client wins, including Redbull UK and Blues Kitchen.

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