Spark’s new vision

Spark’s new vision

You’ll probably already know all about our work as a top notch branding and digital agency, but now there’s much more to Creative Spark as we’ve just launched an exciting new department: Video!

But why would a place that does such great design work want to expand into this new area? And who is behind the camera and action?

Let’s get the formalities out of the way…

My name is Dan and I’m the new Head of Video Production here at Spark Towers. When I’m not tasting the freedom of being out shooting on location you can probably find me here in my little corner, feverishly hitting buttons and clicking my mouse, putting our next project together, ready for the enthusiastic approval of yet another satisfied client.

I come from a background of freelance work and most recently working at a large Broadcasting Corporation in Britain that for now will remain nameless, with a little bit of failed rock star thrown into the mix for good measure. When I heard that the team were keen to get a new video department under way and (more importantly) interested in getting me on board to get it off the ground, I didn’t have to think twice, it was too exciting an opportunity to turn down. So after literally minutes in a room thrashing out my demands our people came to an agreement and now here I am. In my corner.

We’ve all read the stats about how many trillion videos are uploaded to the internet every 0.5 seconds and that if you try hard enough you can separate the streams of vision from your eyes to watch a hundred Youtube videos at the same time* but this doesn’t really matter to us Sparks.

What we’re really interested in is telling stories. It’s something that goes back to the start of time itself and it’s pretty simple: we all love a good story. And as it’s generally way too cold and wet to sit around the campfire and regale tales of yore, what better way of doing this than making films?

We want to use the skills of our multi-talented team to take people’s visions and turn them into a pretty, fun, inspiring video that shows their brand, company and personality off in the most positive light possible. We want to tell their story.

But how do we do this? Good question!

Again, it’s simple. You tell us what you want, and from day one you can work directly with us to make sure that we produce exactly this, and if you’re not happy then we’ll do what we can to change it. However, we’re fully confident that you’ll fall in love with what we do just for you.

This may all be new to you and seem like a strange new world to step foot into, but fear not as we know exactly what we’re doing. All you need to know is that we’re here and that you’ll be in very safe hands if you choose to call on us for all your storytelling needs.

So feel free to drop us a line or pop in for a brew if there’s a little nugget in your head that you want turning into a fully realised idea. We can make it happen.

See you soon.

* This is yet to be confirmed by both media and medical professionalsCS NEW-03