Work it mamas

As it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, we thought we’d hand the week’s blog over to our very own Spark mum, Charlotte Tassaker, our Senior Operations Manager. She talks us through the trials and tribulations of working in the industry as a new mum.

Here it is : the ultimate juggling act. How to balance being a new mama and getting back into the swing of working full time in the creative industry. When Reuben was born, I had to accept the rebrand I would go through.

Thrown head first into deep water, I’d lost my original identity. I was a mummy. Losing all sense of self, I longed to be back at the agency. (Wait, we aren’t meant to admit that, are we? I mean, I wanted to be with my baby ALL THE TIME. Blah blah blah).

The responsibilities I used to have at work seemed so small: project deadlines, client demands, studio contentment. Why did I get so stressed? It wasn’t keeping a new life alive using only my body; I wasn’t depended on every single second of every single day, even though that’s what I thought; I could go to the loo whenever I wanted and drink beer every day…erm I mean… Friday, every Friday.

As my back-to-work day loomed nearer however, I got The Fear.

What if I couldn’t do my job anymore?

What if baby brain had ruined my career aspirations?

What if I was too tired to function?

What if my maternity cover was better than me?

What if I should just be a stay at home mummy?

What if I like work MORE than being with my baby?

Cue mental breakdown.

When you’re on maternity, you make lots of mummy mates. I was super lucky that one of my friends who works in PR had a baby 4 months before me. She was such an inspiration. Gemma owns her own company, We Are Indigo, and she threw herself into motherhood and her business equally(ish). She has two babies that she has to dedicate her time to. She recommended the Mothers Meeting book to me “How to be a Hip Mama Without Losing your Cool” and it has been my bible. It’s for soon-to-be and new mamas who work in the creative world. A must-buy for your sanity. Go get it now.

It’s been slightly over 6 months of being back in the creative hub and I can honestly say : I love being a working mum. 

Do I have the balance? Do I balls?!

Am I tired all the time? Of course I am!

But do I love being back at Spark? Hell yes, I do.

I’ve found my old brand again; I’ve just had a slight refresh.

I like to think I work better now that I have a new perspective on things. My priorities are healthy. The little things aren’t stressful anymore. (I’ve pushed a human out of my body and fed it with my boobs: nothing phases me.)

Being a mum in the creative world is the best. It’s flexible. It’s understanding. It will work with you; it will improvise. We are in a modern world of technology. You can work anywhere. I’ve been super lucky to have such an amazing boss who trusts me. I won’t slack and I’m all in. But if I’m dying of exhaustion, he gives me a break. I don’t know if you’d get that in a corporate environment?

For all you beautiful working mamas, my only advice would be :

  1. plan your week; you can’t do everything. Keep your priorities straight.
  2. housework can wait but try to keep on top of things as much as you can or you will lose your mind with the mess. Share it with your partner.
  3. give yourself a break and look after yourself. You-time is imperative.
  4. enjoy yourself. This is your job because you bloody LOVE it.

And last but not least: you’re doing amazing! Remember that and keep up the good work.