Peep Silk

A start up with big ambitions needed the full works for a new awakening

The beauty and wellbeing industry has quickly become one of the highest-grossing industries in the world. And with the peak of COVID-19 looming the project with Peep Silk came about at a pivotal period, when face coverings, cleanliness and anti-bacterial products were at their peak. With customer purchases and buying behaviour changing as a result, we set out to create a dream-worthy world of silk everyone would love to quarantine in.

  • Branding
  • eCommerce
  • Packaging

Creating a brand style

The brand identity for the fashion-come-homewares label Peep, through its heritage of over 50 years in the silk industry by parent companies Biddles Sawyer and Adamley Textiles. With the knowledge and experience in the luxury textiles sector, this led us to combine the products’ strong personality and pride in what they look like into a no-fluff, modern and secure brand that doesn’t stem from old-fashioned values.

Creating a brand style that incorporates the feel and touch of silk through its ‘wave’ like textures and smooth, dream-like state, the product promises to deliver. And the name? Just take a Peep.

Living in a Dream World

From extensive market research to defining a comprehensive marketing and social media strategy, the Peep website was created for optimum conversion using a bespoke Shopify build and design. With the supporting channels and our Spark Digital team in place, the brand’s launch to market successfully proved a hit with users and within the first two months has seen magnificent growth and exceeded sales targets by +534%. Collaborating with influencers globally has given Peep the platform to speak truly as an experienced member of the community with an increasing social following daily.