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Working hand-in-hand with Blendsmiths, Creative Spark set out to cut through the noise and elevate the brand. First, we identified their position in the market, looking at their overall brand message and helping to simplify and explain who and what Blendsmiths are. We then created specific naming conventions that would help the more exotic blends such as Beetroot and Ginger sit comfortably alongside household drinks such as Hot Chocolate and Pumpkin Spiced. The result was a set of rules that anchored Blendsmiths commitment to making alternative choices easy and changing the way the world drinks.

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Crafted for the curious

With clear articulation of how the brand should behave and speak in order to resonate with their audiences, the creative identity needed to evolve and embody the idea of Blendsmiths being expert blenders with a revolutionary approach.

The original brand marque was retained, emphasised by an accompanying monogram that represented the craftsmanship of blending.

To further bring the idea to life, a diverse and intriguing styling approach was developed that reflected the rich spectrum of flavours Blendsmiths provides. A vibrant and colourful library of swirling patterns was developed, intended to be used as an impactful foundation for every piece of packaging or collateral. The pattern was accompanied with contrasting illustrated elements depicting botanics and representations of the ingredients’ origins to tell the stories behind the blends and give a subtle nod to their previous illustration style.

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Perfectly blended

With an updated look and feel that stood out from competitors and brought Blendmiths into the spotlight, an informative brand book was developed that presented the new brand in a playful and easy to digest way, as well as providing a clear guide for the creation of future assets and content.

The styling was also rolled out across applications. We developed a selection of product packaging options including bags and boxes, as well as a suite of branded collateral which included items such as tote bags, pin badges and business cards. The styling was also used to develop a trade stand design that would support and promote Blendsmiths during their attendance at Manchester Coffee Festival.

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Creative Spark got us, they understood our journey and listened to why we were asking for their help. We had a good brand, one that people loved but we needed elevation in an organic but special way.