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The Job

Detangle a complicated brand offering to create clear brand guidelines

The Spark

Create clarity in communications

"I've worked with Spark for 7 years across two different businesses so they are my go-to team for solving brand problems in a strategic but creative way. The BPP brand architecture is vast and there was a lack of consistency across the group so I tasked Spark with a realignment to ensure we had distinct, own-able elements across internal, corporate and student comms.

They delivered a simple structure and set of guidelines that allows clarity across both the brand team and our internal studio. Spark then brought this to life on corporate collateral, office interior and exhibition stands"

Jo Street

Marketing Director

In Summary

BPP’s brand architecture had grown unwieldy. It needed a proper rethink.

With master brands sitting awkwardly under sub-brands and no clear communication differentiation or style, we had a real challenge to overcome. We sought to create clarity. We formalised a hierarchy to ensure every division sat harmoniously with each other, and rationalising BPP’s heavily-audited messaging using “quote, question, qualify” as our mantra. To the academically and professionally minded BPP, the idea of presenting a fact (quote), challenging it (question) and offering a substantiation (qualify) resonated well, and with this as our foundation we could create distinct visual identities for each division before binding all of our rules together into an easily-digestible set of brand guidelines.

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