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Creating a sales boom on the snack aisle

With people spending more time at home over the last 18 months Parfetts spot an emerging desire from customers to relive their cinema experience but in the comfort of their living rooms.


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The Client

As the North West’s foremost independent and employee owned symbol group, Parfetts is extremely well known and respected by retailers and caterers across the region.

Parfetts Group is the proud parent of Gold, Go Local Extra, Go Local and The Local as well as being recognised as a leading wholesaler and distributer.

With people spending more time at home over the last 18 months Parfetts spot an emerging desire from customers to relive their cinema experience but in the comfort of their living rooms. Backed up by data from Euromonitor which reported Brits now consume twice as much popcorn as any other European nation, it was the perfect category to target for increased sales.

Looking to grow their market share of own brand product sales, Parfetts turned to Creative Spark for help. The brief could be summed up in one sentence;

“Create a design that catches the eye of the casual shopper making an impulse buy in their local corner shop.”

To fill the brief we developed Boom Pop – a shelf popping art deco style with a strong, but humorous, design. This new corn snack packaging redesign has been an instant hit amongst customers.

Careful market audits and consumer research yields high impact, effective design

Relying on our market audit and observations, we optimised the product packaging to enable a quicker ‘read on-shelf’ and enhanced appetite appeal to get it in the baskets of shoppers. After running designs through consumer testing to validate messaging and communication hierarchy, our end result was a package that features colourful gradient of fun pop art style graphics with colourful popcorn loving lips, showing the lightheartedness of the product. All elements working together to stand out against competition and help communicate a quirky, authentic and delicious alternative to established brands on the shelf.

A product line dependent on clear communication at every level

Having a wealth of experience in the FMCG sector, Creative Spark Brand and Creative Director Danni Bramall was no stranger to the challenges of cutting through the clutter of neighbouring brands on the shelves.

Hitting the ground running, Danni applied a process already proven successful in rebranding 1000’s of SKU’s over the years, including Nisa’s Heritage range, Booths, Kingsland Drinks to name but a few.

The aim? To discover a truly unique proposition in an already crowded category that automatically creates stand out products. 

The true challenge however, would be finding the sweet spot between commercially aware creative that would be “fit for purpose” and fly off shelf’s, to a design that would be more than comfortable alongside established market leaders.

After rounds of potential names and varying designs, all sides firmly agreed that “BOOM POP” had the maximum impact to tempt any impulsive shopper away from recognised brands – a challenger brand that truly does challenge.

To truly represent the product we knew we would need to draw inspiration from the product itself. The result was a super bold, fun, and colourful pack design.

Derived from the energetic “pop” of the corn with its chaotic popping nature, a larger than life bold type was chosen with devouring pop art lips showing the way we all LOVE to enjoy popcorn where more really is better!

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