DeliveryApp Brand Launch Video


As we drew to completing the DeliveryApp brand strategy and identity project, we had to think forward and consider how we would launch it to the world. DeliveryApp tasked us with developing a creative concept for a 60 second brand launch video.

As a challenger in the market we knew that humour needed to be at the heart of the ad. We brought in Paul Coleman, who’s scripting for Peter Kay’s Car Share, won a BAFTA. At the heart of the creative was the idea that the DeliveryApp team are the best of the best - an unstoppable force taking on the industry. And who better to keep them in shape and top of their game but brand ambassador and investor, Rio Ferdinand. To say we were excited at the prospect of creating something with such a familiar face at the forefront, is an understatement. The training day concept was born. An unexpected appearance from Rio led to an intense day of activity for the entire DeliveryApp team - customer service, drivers and office staff. With a talented team of extras and our fantastic production partner, Dead Pixel, we think the end result is definitely worth sharing. Let us know what you think and if you’d like to read more about the DeliveryApp rebrand click here: