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Out of the box thinking
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The Reisser Crate Mate is a storage solution designed to help organise and transport tools and equipment. In order to showcase the intricate details and uses of the product we used CGI to create an animation that shows the Crate Mate’s design, construction and unique features. This excellent sales tool showcases the benefits of the product to educate potential customers.

  • CGI
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  • Video

Helping Reisser stand out from the crowd

What makes this a standout product are characteristics and qualities that other storage systems simply don’t have, durability, usability, waterproofing, bespoke compartments and more. We could see the potential of the Crate Mate and it’s core design inspired the making of a standout marketing video to show how the system works.

We thought that a CGI animation would be the most effective solution. The result is an interesting and compelling detailed sales tool that described the product inside and out - from its bespoke Italian design to its precision engineered build.

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How we brought the animation to life

It’s amazing how even the most robust, practical tools and products can be transformed in the digital space. Firstly, we created a storyboard to show how the animation could bring every aspect and detail of the product to life.

Reisser loved the storyboard, and we went on to build the animation. We collaborated with Reisser at every stage, and they had an incredible amount of input when it came to the annotated details and how each storage case is crafted for a particular purpose.

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Bringing the system to life

As a sales tool the animation is simple yet completely effective. Viewers can see at-a-glance exactly what each component does. From transporting power tools to carrying hand tools, every piece of equipment has its own safe and secure place within the Crate Mate system.

Viewers can see how the crates fit together quickly and easily with a simple ‘click’ and how all crates can be stacked in any configuration for easy storage and transportation. Quite simply, the animation is so explanatory that it leaves little to the imagination. The expectation is that very few questions will need to be asked about the Crate Mate’s structure, purpose, configuration suitability, and adaptability.

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Michael Clark Reisser
Creative Spark has been a great company to work with. They have provided their expertise and creativity across various areas to deliver multiple high-end CGI & Hero videos alongside the website they created.