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Home of Happy

Eccleston Homes is an independent house builder with a range of developments across desirable locations in the North West of England. Appealing to a wide audience from first-time buyers, to established older families, they build Arts and Crafts style homes that are smart, energy-efficient and tailor-made for modern living. For that reason, it was important that what we created for Eccleston was able to flex and change to meet these individual needs.

  • Brand Identity
  • Tone of Voice
  • Illustrations
  • Marketing

Founded in 2011, the business had moved on and the brand needed to reflect their strategic ambitions. As a small business, we needed to ensure that they remained credible against the big corporates, but not lose that sense of independence and personality that had made them successful in the first place. In fact we wanted to push that independent edge further than ever before.

It was a very collaborative process. We worked with Eccleston’s Sales & Marketing Director to pull together inspiration from brands in and out of the sector, working closely to ensure his vision, and our brand expertise, came together seamlessly to produce a stand out identity.

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A brand that promotes growth

Taking inspiration from the different locations of the developments we incorporated the circles as part of the identity to represent these pinpoints. We wanted to represent not only the growth of Eccleston from a start-up, but also the growth opportunities that Eccleston Homes gives their customers - a new house, that becomes a home, for many generations to come.

Whilst the brand had evolved significantly, we agreed with the client that it was important to keep their butterfly logo, as this had become synonymous with the Eccleston brand. Representing growth and change, it was still as relevant today as it was when they first started. We updated the logo to take on a more modern aesthetic - combining what they are famous for, their houses, with their butterfly.

With a new bright and modern colour palette, Eccleston stood out against the more corporate and flat primary colours that saturate the rest of the market.


Home of happy

From our research we found that Eccleston took great care in their customer journey - from the very first online enquiry to receiving the keys to their new home. This was something that didn’t go unnoticed with the customers themselves, with a Trustpilot rating of 4.4 out of 5, Eccleston really is creating beautiful homes, and happy customers.

Therefore it was important that these stories were brought to life. We used warm and welcoming photography - capturing memories and moments that felt candid and relatable. Supported by bespoke illustrations and typography that ‘smiles’ this was a much more human-centric approach for Eccleston.

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We worked with a fantastic illustrator, Eliott Bulpett, who developed bespoke illustrations that captured every stage of the customer journey. These were initially utilised on a series of 15 emails but have now expanded out to bring a new dimension to the brand collateral.

Switching the focus from themselves to their customers, their new tone of voice pushed the brand even further. Friendly phrases such as ‘home of happy’ and ‘full of the good stuff’ gave a colloquial and simplified approach that brought further warmth and a sense of familiarity to the brand, whilst clearly demonstrating how Eccleston Homes really is different to the rest of the market.

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