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Brand building with LDS
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LDS is part of the Landmark Group, a well-established, single-family office, with focus on ultra-long-term investment and growth in the real estate sector. In early 2021, Landmark Group launched a new challenger brand named LDS, and introduced Sales Guarantees to the market. Landmark group tasked us to support them in educating the market about their new offering and the benefits it could present to Lenders, SME house builders and development finance brokers. The team wanted an impactful and disruptive brand for LDS, it needed to be something different that stood out from competitors and comparators, whilst being seen as credible to banks and lenders.

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What we did

Development of brand hierarchy

Creation of brand identity including logo and key messages

Development of new website to support educating the market and generate sales guarantee proposals

Integration of new website with bespoke sales engine and new CRM

LDS Icons
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Transforming development finance

We developed an impactful brand for LDS that utilised a restricted palette of bold colour and monochrome paired with striking graphics that were fully ownable by LDS. This styling would cut through the noise creating awareness and recognition of the new offering.

We also worked with the team to craft an effective suite of messaging containing succinct messages for each key audience along with overarching messages for wider reach.

These messages were brought to life across the newly developed website and brand collateral .

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Remove Uncertainty

As 2022’s political and economic uncertainty started to impact the housing market, the LDS Sales Guarantee became more compelling to audiences.

We worked with Landmark to develop effective campaign material which would educate and inform of the unique LDS offering as well as ensure brand awareness. A series of mini campaigns evolved, promoting the fact that the LDS Sales Guarantee removes uncertainty, even in the toughest market conditions.

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The Results

The new website and brand were launched mid-May 2022

The impact was an immediate uplift in Sales Guarantee proposals generated.

May saw a 45% increase in Sales Guarantee proposals vs monthly figures for Jan-April.

June, (first full month with the new website and brand), saw the value of Sales Guarantees generated through the engine increase by 175% and this figure has been sustained/ continues to grow.

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