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The Job

To modernise the beloved butty brand while staying true to their history

The Spark

Turn the eye-watering into the mouth-watering

In Summary

Philpotts needed a new brand to sum up their offering. We were keen to sink our teeth in.

Sandwich makers Philpotts have served the North’s hungry for over 25 years but as they had expanded, their branding had gotten a little soggy. They came to us hungry for something fresher, a brand with a crisp, modern feel to reflect their new status. To that end, we served up a new company logo, a re-designed packaging design and even a spruced-up menu. We used the company’s existing colours served as our base, meaning we could retain the spirit of the old brand (and its equity) while giving ourselves enough leeway to rustle up something that bit more appetising for a modern audience.

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