Salford Foundation

Creating a sense of community

The Salford Foundation is a heartwarming organisation that provides opportunities for young people and adults in Salford and surrounding boroughs to develop social, academic, vocational and personal skills. Their focus is to bring the community together by engaging with businesses and individuals through various services giving opportunities for support and personal growth.

  • Branding
  • Web design
  • HTML5

Connecting Salford’s community through brand and web

The first aim of this project was to develop a strong brand that could carry the Salford Foundation’s aspirations forward, whilst inspiring and encouraging people to engage with the charity.

This would allow the foundation to strengthen partnerships with businesses, education and other charity partners within the private sector.


Elevating Salford Foundation's digital presence

Salford Foundation do great work across a lot of sectors and different programmes, making these easily discoverable with a clear journey across the site was fundamental.

Another requirement was that this website would be constantly updated by their in-house team. This meant that we had to build a site that was flexible enough to accept all types of content and always look great.