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Creating a Sense of Community Salford Foundation

The Salford Foundation is a heartwarming organisation that provides opportunities for young people and adults in Salford and surrounding boroughs to develop social, academic, vocational and personal skills.  Their focus is to bring the community together by engaging with businesses and individuals through various services giving opportunities for support and personal growth.


Digital Design
Website Development

Connecting Salford’s community through brand and web

They recently came to us as their brand dated by the dominant red, black and white colour palette and ‘key’ logo they were associated with. What once meant confident, in their eyes now came across as aggressive. The client came to us looking for a refresh of their current logo, colour palette, font family and website for something that was modern, approachable and future-proof.

Their previous website was overpopulated with tiny text. As their key marketing tool, the site needed UX designed to clearly approach their three target audiences, young people, adults and businesses, so that their services were easy to navigate and fully represented the amazing work they do.

The first aim of this project was to develop a strong brand that could carry the Salford Foundation’s aspirations forward, whilst inspiring and encouraging people to engage with the charity. This would allow the foundation to strengthen partnerships with businesses, education and other charity partners within the private sector. The website needed to clearly target its three audiences and the services the foundation provides in a comprehendible way that was accessible and translatable, allowing their services to remain fully inclusive. In addition, it had hopes to internally bring the whole team together (including service users and ambassadors) as one unit with a shared goal.

We found the Spark

The Salford Foundation had previously carried out in-depth research internally. Feedback was taken from its users and network of partners on how they see the foundation create positive change. We had a briefing session with key board members to go over these findings and the additional research we carried out on the foundation and their services. We uncovered a special and unique collaborative spirit.

The people at the foundation, its partners and those who benefit from the service, most importantly, worked hard together in order to provide better lives, long-term prospects and better connections. As a result of this collaboration and hard work, the people helped by the Foundation have better futures.

This work allowed us to develop a strong strap-line. “We are a network of experts, volunteers, employers, educators and innovators working together with young people and adults to develop and provide opportunities and skills so that they can create a better future for themselves and their communities.”

From this, we created a clear proposition – “Creating better futures together.” This helped shape their Mission – “The everyday purpose – To provide opportunities, skills and relationships that empower and encourage people and communities to create a better future for themselves,” and their vision,“The someday goal – To make a real, positive difference to people and communities.”

Bringing the Foundation to life through design

The Brand

An integral part of our approach to the rebrand of the Salford Foundation was that we wanted their new brand identity to have substance and a well executed design. The brand marque created was a key element of this. It is symbolic of the network of people and contributors that form the Salford Foundation. The marque builds on the idea of ‘connectivity’ and creating ‘links’ in the community. We wanted the marque to be a true representation of what the brand stands for.

The result is a beautifully designed connective marque which is both flexible and versatile in shape as is apparent throughout the brand collateral. The shapes from the marque have the additional benefit and capability to be used to create multiple graphics and iconography.

It was important that we built the brand from this expressive style, meaning that the colours chosen where both professional yet approachable, as was the typeface and the photography style.

The Website

When designing the Salford Foundation website, our key goal was to keep it simple and let the content speak for itself. The Salford Foundation do great work across a lot of sectors and different programmes, making these easily discoverable with a clear journey across the site was fundamental. Another requirement was that this website would be constantly updated by their in-house team. This meant that we had to build a site that was flexible enough to accept all types of content and always look great.

The result is a modern site that showcases the brand and acts as a great portal for people to learn more about what makes the Salford Foundation great.

The team at Creative Spark loved working with the Salford Foundation on this. It’s great to see the caring people that form the foundation represented in the brand and to hear that the result is also successful in uniting the team.

Working with Creative Spark has been a really positive experience from start to finish. The team were responsive to our brief whilst being very creative in how they interpreted and developed it. Our whole team has wholeheartedly embraced the new brand, because it has really delivered the new look and feel that we wanted and it communicates ‘Salford Foundation’ in just the way we hoped it would do.
Phil East
Chief Executive at the Salford Foundation

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