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Manchester’s Finest Beer Lovers - SEVEN BRO7HERS' Brand Reposition

Our journey started with SEVEN BRO7HERS over 7 years ago, crafting the original brand from a business idea and a passion. Since the booming success and growth of the brand, the brothers felt that it was time to evolve. Their branding and packaging had become dated and not inline with who they had become or where they wanted to go as a business. We helped them through a brand reposition, enhancing their look, packaging and brand experience.


Brand Style
Brand Strategy
Tone of Voice

Collaboration for the best results

We worked with Paul Coleman from Humanise to deliver new and in-depth research from current, lapsed and new customers as well as within the trade industry.  This full customer profile allowed us to see where the refreshed brand could go. Their original proposition “Clear with Beer” was still relevant, but needed to be adapted to work within copy and tone. We evolved this so that it was not as literal as it was first used.


Clear with Beer visually became cleaner and bolder with more emphasis on the “7” as a key feature of the cans. Bold colours, unique 7’s and clear flavour stamps allowed us to keep the fun, community / family side of the brand while also making the brands modern and keeping them eye-catching on the shelf. 

A Clear Winner

Working with SEVEN BRO7HERS is a great experience because of the collaborative process we have with their in-house design team. We finished the rebrand by created a simple grid template for their team, which will allow them to create their own bespoke limited-edition cans and gives them the freedom to create new and exciting designs.


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