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Westex are a premium British carpet manufacturer who have strong roots in wool , but celebrate colour and also offer a premium range of LVT flooring. We have worked with them through 2 current iterations of their website with a long term partnership that has responded to changes in the marketplace and supported their own business evolution and growth.

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Developing a colourful user experience

It isn't rocket science, colour is a driving factor in the customer decision making process when deciding on a new carpet, it’s just the old Westex website didn’t have this front and centre.

So we completely reimagined the website experience to bring this colour choice much higher in the user experience, fully supported by the technical and company information that allows each customer needed to ensure the carpets technical features would ensure its suitability and longevity wherever it was placed.

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Interactive wireframes and design work allowed us to explore and play with this user experience to ensure we reached this perfect balance. These prototypes were utilised by the Westex team and their retail partners, ensuring not only the best end customer experience but also the supporting the development and strengthening of retail relationships for the business.

The website user experience we developed truly supports the business in helping their customer find the perfect carpet, while communicating the benefits that comes from the purchase of a Westex carpet and the guarantees they are proud to offer.

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A website built to engage & convert

We are experts in the implementation of enterprise level WordPress websites that take the best parts of WordPress including its rich plugin community, and combine this with a finely crafted bespoke theme and custom functionality through our development methodology.

Achieving this balance has taken us years of practice in avoiding the pitfalls of excessive plugin use, or rigid expensive bespoke platforms that cannot flex or adapt to changes when required.

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The website build for Westex is one of our best examples here, fusing a completely bespoke look and feel and custom sample ordering functionality on the front end. With a pre-existing visualisation, data collection, and retailer functions; that are fully integrated into our customer experience.

The end result is an easy to maintain and powerful website that has supported a number of changes in products and evolution in how the brand wanted to communicate to end customers, retailers, and commercial clients.

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