Lights, Camera, Action!

Guy Ritchie and the cast of the new Sherlock Holmes film have heard Creative Spark are in town and there’s a set being built literally outside our window. We sent down a couple of our finest detectives to find out what was happening. After a short but intense battle of wit, charisma and whimsical pleasantries, the security guard let them take a few photos while his back was turned!

Unfortunately since our profession doesn’t usually involve evidence-gathering all we managed to deduce was that the film will contain a Watchmaker & Jeweller/Pawnbroker and some posters. Still, it’s mighty impressive work; Carl actually thought he’d found a genuine vintage pawnbroker behind our office when he first spotted it.

If we manage to invite Guy Ritchie, Jude Law, Rachel McAdams and Robert Downey Jr in for a brew we’ll make sure to post some photos!


21st October 2008