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Placement Diary: Simon

Well what an awesome past 3 months at the wonderful world of Creative Spark. Being in my third year at Salford University studying Design for Digital Media I was lucky enough to be offered a three month placement from the lovely people at the Spark Towers… Obviously I jumped at the opportunity. It was quite apparent from the first step through the door that this wasn’t your average joe creative agency. It’s buzzing with excitement and it’s a place where people actually love and take pride in what they do. From day one I was made very welcome, being able to work alongside the Design team on a number of live projects, where your opinion is actually valued. The fast paced environment of the studio gave me a great insight of how a creative agency should run. But this being said they still know how to make it a fun place to work and just to generally be in, I mean they have a shed in one of their meeting rooms for a start off. Whilst at Creative Spark I had the chance to do all different aspects of design work, from web to branding , working alongside the sales team to more print based work. Each day would hold something different, which allowed me to pick up so much in such a short space of time. I really couldn’t ask for anything more from a placement. Some of the best memories that will stay with me have got to be having a casual game of ping pong on a Friday afternoon and of course the Spark world cup ( #sparkworldcup ) I don’t think i’ll ever be able to erase the image of Harry with a not so slick mullet from my head, which is more than a tad worrying. It’s a sad day leaving the office and more importantly the Spark team, it’s been an awesome 3 months! I would like to take the chance to thank everyone along the way for making me feel part of the family and for the sheer amount of time invested in me. It’s been a privilege to be able to spend time in one of the top creative agencies in Manchester. Hopefully It won’t be the last time I see everyone and that I may have the chance to return sometime in the future. Thank you all! Simon x

Note from the Sparks: We will miss you, Simon. We’re chuffed you enjoyed your time here and thanks a bunch for all your hard work. See you for Friday bevvies soon.

Mara Polansky

25th June 2014