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Rain rain go away…. #randomspark

Rain rain please go away… That’s one wish Santa can’t grant us, especially in Manchester. Our elves do know how to make first-class umbrellas though, which is where the idea for the next #randomspark act of kindness came from. Our Finance and Operations Assistant, Thomas, and our Digital Designer, John, decided to raise the dampened spirits of some poor brolliless souls. We’ve all been there, getting stuck in a notorious Manchester downpour with no form of protection, it’s far from ideal. So once the heavens opened, Thomas and John set out, umbrellas at the ready, and handed them out to protect those without from the grisly rain…or hail…or snow…

We hope our small form of protection managed to brighten up the soggy streets of Manchester slightly. At the very least, hopefully we put some smiles on a few sad faces on a gloomy day and maybe a few hairstyles were saved in the process.

This is just one of many random acts of kindness happening on the streets of Manchester this Christmas courtesy of the spark team. Keep an ear to the ground and an eye on social media for more random acts… search our hashtag #randomspark for more.




Mara Polansky

16th December 2014