Creative advertising campaigns are more important than ever

If you like your advertising agencies with added Creative Spark then you’ve come to the right place. Our clients range from small and innovative local businesses to well-known international brands, and we’ve created campaigns that run across digital, print, TV, radio and out-of-home. Our strategic and creative teams are experts in identifying your target audience, creating advertising campaigns that encapsulate your brand in a clear and easily conveyed concept that motivates action, and disseminating your advert through the channels mostly likely to reach your target audience.

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  • Creative process

    We begin every campaign by building a proposition that resonates with our target audience, before mapping out each channel that will delivery our messages with impact. Our creative process always begins with marker pen scamps and creative copy, before moving into art direction and final execution.
    All in close collaboration with our expert clients.

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Advertising Agency with Added Spark – What we do

Single-Minded Propositions and Creative Campaigns

A successful ad campaign in the age of digital media is no easy feat. Campaigns have to be integrated (vertically and horizontally) whilst remaining agile, responsive, measurable, and highly creative to boot. We start all of our projects by pulling together a brief that defines the background and the objectives of the project. We then home in on our target audience – who they are, where they are, how they communicate, which advertising channels they use, and what motivates and inspires them. All of this information gives our creative team a solid foundation on which to build the campaign.
Once our brief and strategy are in place, our creative team sets to work. Our designers, copywriters, strategists, and digital specialists pool their expertise, establish territories, and develop creative routes to achieve the objectives of the brief. Our watchword is ‘collaboration’ and we encourage our creative team to involve our clients in the creative process from start to finish, so that we can use their valuable feedback to hone and refine our all of our advertising work. The results speak for themselves.

Outdoor and Out-Of- Home Advertising

It’s easy to overlook the potential of traditional advertising methods now that digital has created such an attention-grabbing NKOTB alternative. But the advent of ad blockers for digital spaces, and a wave of excellent advertising articulated though the innovative use of eye-catching outdoor spaces, means that our clients are rediscovering the advertising power of tangible physical advertising spaces such as billboards and outdoor installations.
We’ve got loads of experience in creating slogans, graphics, and logos that are impossible to ignore, and have worked on campaigns for well-known names like Aegean Airlines, Manchester Airport Group, and Ministry of Sound. We cover the whole spectrum of outdoor and out-of- home advertising possibilities, from newspaper and magazine spots, to huge billboards and bus banners. Get in touch today so we can help you think outside of the (digital) box.

TV and Radio Advertising

TV and Radio still hold an important place in the minds and hearts (John Lewis Christmas advert anyone?) of consumers, and they’re both still highly effective platforms for advertising your brand - particularly when it comes to tightly-focussed regional advertising. Our creative team have a great track record in crafting clever, catchy, and compelling spots to be broadcast over the airwaves or on the box, and have worked on some really successful TV and radio campaigns that have increased exposure and brand engagement for a number of high profile brands.
Ensuring that your TV or radio advert is memorable is key to its success, and coming up with unforgettable tags that stick in people’s minds is a skill that the team pride themselves on at Creative Spark. The potential value of a well thought out TV or radio advert is impossible to underestimate, so speak to one of our team about creating a high impact TV or radio ad that connects you with your target market, and makes your brand stand out from the crowd.

Advertising Campaigns

We’ve delivered advertising campaigns for everything from airports to football boots, working with clients who range from small local businesses right up to large international brands. Whether it’s a straightforward brief or a project that forces us to think outside the box, the circle, and the triangle, we always start any ad campaign with copious amounts of research. We begin by identifying the target market for the campaign, and then immerse ourselves in their world so that we can create a campaign that says what the target market want to hear in the places where they want to hear it.
Once we’ve got to grips with your target market we use the insights that we’ve gathered to develop an advertising campaign that sets you apart from your competition, strengthens your brand, and converts target audience interest into target audience action. Ad campaigns are all about The Idea: how best to sum up a brand in a digestible concept that can be delivered to the consumer in a way that makes them act upon it. Our creative and strategy teams are first-rate at crafting compelling, engaging advertising messages that will shape your brand and motivate your audience. Once your ad campaign is ready, we disseminate it through the channels that will have the most impact. Simple! We’d love to be part of your next ad campaign, get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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